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Anastasiya Kiseleva

Anastasiya Kiseleva

Researcher, Academic staff, Researchers


Anastasiya Kiseleva is doing international and interdisciplinary PhD research funded and supported by the EUTOPIA program

Her research is about balancing AI's transparency in healthcare with its safety and quality from legal and technical perspectives. The project is organised in collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Brussels as a home university (represented by the Research Group Law, Science, Technology and Society (LSTS) responsible for legal expertise) and CY Cergy University Paris as a host university (represented by ETIS Research Lab and leading the technical area of the project). 

Anastasiya holds an LL.M. in IP & IT Law (EULISP) from Leibniz University Hannover (magna cum laude). She has been practicing intellectual property and information technology law for more than 8 years dealing with IT contract drafting and negotiation, IP clearance, consulting and day-to-day support in e-commerce, e-payments, copyright, trademark, data protection and privacy issues, drafting of end-user and privacy policies. She also gave lectures and presentations, published papers and articles on the topic of IP&IT Law. Her current research interest is in the area of IP & IT Law and Health with the main focus on AI, medical devices, transparency and accountability, genetics and genomics, fairness and biases. Her papers were awarded or ranked in tops of the relevant journals several times.